URL-To-Carousel: Create a Social Media Carousel from a Website URL 🎠🤖

Fernando Pessagno
2 min readNov 7, 2023

Here’s how you can turn any Website URL into an engaging social media carousel with the AI Carousel Generator.

Step 1: Navigate to the AI Carousel Generator

Go to aiCarousels,navigate to the AI Carousel Generator and click the ‘Generate from Content’ button.

Step 2: Choose the ‘Website URL’ Tab

Once there, click on the ‘Website URL’ tab.

Step 3: Enter the Website URL

Type in the full website URL, including “https://”

Keep in mind that some websites may have restrictions that prevent external services from accessing their content.

Step 4: Pick the Output Language

Your carousel doesn’t have to be in the same language as the website.

Select the language you want your carousel to be presented in from the list of available languages.

Step 5: Generate Your Carousel

After you select your language, hit the ‘Generate Carousel’ button. This is where the magic happens.

The AI Carousel Generator will get to work and craft a carousel based on the content from the URL you provided. It’s all automatic and super quick!

Step 6: Customize Your Carousel

Once the AI creates your carousel, you get to personalize it.

If any slide needs tweaking, the AI writing assistant is at your service to shorten, expand, or rewrite the content.

Then, it’s your turn to add a personal touch — your unique style, your voice. This is what elevates your carousel from simply informative to unmistakably yours.

Final Step: Share Your Carousel

Once you’re happy with the carousel, it’s ready to be shared. Post it on your social media platforms to engage with your audience.

And there you have it! With just a few clicks and your creative input, you’ve transformed a Website URL into an engaging carousel with aiCarousels.