YouTube-To-Carousel: Create a Social Media Carousel from a YouTube Video 🎠🤖

Fernando Pessagno
2 min readNov 7, 2023

Here’s a guide on how to transform any YouTube video into an eye-catching social media carousel in just seconds.

Step 1: Navigate to the AI Carousel Generator

Begin by heading over to aiCarousels and pressing the ‘Generate from Content’ from the AI Carousel Generator.

Step 2: Choose the ‘Youtube Video’ Tab

Once there, click on the ‘Youtube Video’ tab.

Step 3: Enter the YouTube Video URL

Type in or paste the full YouTube video URL into the designated field.

Step 4: Select Language for Your Carousel

Pick the language in which you’d like your carousel to appear from the dropdown menu. This can be different from the language used in the YouTube video.

Step 5: Click ‘Generate Carousel’

Press the ‘Generate Carousel’ button and let the AI work its magic, pulling relevant content from the video to create your carousel.

Step 6: Review and Personalize Your Carousel

Once the AI creates your carousel, take a moment to review the carousel.

You can use the AI writing assistant to adjust the text — shorten, expand, or rewrite sections to better match your tone and style.

Final Step: Share Your Carousel

And just like that, with aiCarousels you’ve transformed a YouTube video into a captivating carousel ready to be shared with the world.

So go ahead, share your creation, and watch as the likes, shares, and comments roll in. Happy carousel crafting!